Parallel I/O

High-Performance Parallel I/O

Parallel I/O is a necessary component of modern Web and database servers, and of data-intensive applications such as multimedia retrieval, visualization and graphics, scientific simulations, and spatial and geographic databases. Parallel hardware storage systems with multiple disks and high-bandwidth switched interconnect are becoming increasingly available to fill this need. However it is a challenge to schedule and coordinate the I/Os of myriad concurrent devices to meet the resource constraints and timing demands of the applications. The goals of this project are to develop scheduling and resource management algorithms for parallel I/O systems, including issues related to prefetching and caching, on-line scheduling, fair service for multiple users, and deadline-constrained real-time parallel I/O. The techniques are being applied to VBR video retrieval and database applications handling large numbers of concurrent, interacting I/Os.


  • V. Edwards
  • O. Ertug
  • B. Hodges
  • M. Kallahalla
  • P. Varman
  • M. Walker


NSF, High-Performance Parallel I/O Systems, 2001-2004
NSF, Buffer Management for Parallel I/O Systems, 1997-2000
Schlumberger Corporation